About Deb

A passionate foodie, cook and food blogger,  I love food and have learned to find and make delicious foods that love me back.

I was always a skinny kid but when I hit my thirties, my body changed and the weight starting coming on, about 30 pounds worth.  I had moved away from my family to a new city and started a fun but stressful job that required constant International travel. Stress, long hours, time spent on planes or in hotel rooms, and eating a majority of my meals out in restaurants or grab-and-go was taking its toll on my health. My childhood asthma came back along with allergies and I felt constantly tired and not well. I thought taking a new job and moving myself to Hawaii would help me break the cycle but I had formed some bad lifestyle habits and wasn’t making much of an effort to change them and change my health.

What Changed and How Did I Find My Healthy?

As my travel schedule lessened, I began cooking more, working with wholesome local ingredients and exploring different cuisines.  I started a food blog called Kahakai Kitchen in 2008, and it further fueled my passion for delicious food. As I cooked more frequently, I began to experiment with food and to understand the effect different foods were having on my body and health. I moved the focus of my blog to healthy food and began studying nutrition on my own –trying foods and identifying the ones that made me feel good after eating them.

In 2009, I decided to make a career change and after 15 years in human resources, I took a break to follow my passion and started with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. There I had the opportunity to study different nutritional theories and learn about the role diet, exercise, stress management, relationships and career play in overall health. As I continued to practice what I was learning, my weight dropped, I grew stronger, healthier, happier and the frequent trips to the doctor for my asthma lessened dramatically. I began to steadily feel better and to “find my healthy.”

I became passionate about helping people discover the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for them to get them on the path to wellness, so I started my company: Find Your Healthy.  Through it I do personal health and nutrition coaching, speak about healthy eating and lifestyle at places like Whole Foods and The Kidney Foundation of Hawaii, and teach healthy lifestyle classes and workshops for groups and businesses. I have found that healthy isn’t about regimented eating or counting calories, it is about finding what works for you and developing healthy lifestyle habits that you can enjoy effortlessly for the rest of your life, as you “Find Your Healthy.”

Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.”

~Marcus Valerius Martial