Corporate Wellness Programs

Better Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices = Healthy Employees = A More Profitable Business!

Imagine what your company would be like if your employees came to work every day, healthier with  more focus and energy?

Successful Corporate Wellness Programs:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Decrease employer health insurance costs
  • Improve workplace morale and employee loyalty
  • Increase productivity

For every dollar spent on successful wellness programs, businesses are saving up to $6.00 per employee by reducing absenteeism, medical claims and associated health care costs. (Source: Center for Disease Control)   Find Your Healthy provides a variety of corporate wellness services, offering tailored programs to meet the performance goals of your company and its employees, including:

Health & Wellness Seminars:

Seminars for  professionals looking for fast, effective ways to integrate healthy eating and lifestyle choices into their busy lives. Topics can be customized for your group. (The suggested format is a one hour talk, typically enhanced by a PowerPoint presentation and includes time for Q&A.)

Examples of popular workshops

  • Eating for Personal Power, Energy and Work-Life Balance
  • Managing Your Stress & Maximizing Your Life
  • Eat Well-Shop Well-Be Well
  • Overcoming The Sugar Blues
  • Defensive Dining: How to Eat Out, Enjoy It and Keep Your Waistline
  • Easy Meal Solutions for Busy People
  • The Healthy Pantry: Stocking Your Pantry & Fridge for Wellness

*Available as individual stand-alone seminars or a series of workshops these programs are interactive, educational and fun!

Small Group or Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching:

Group or individual nutrition and lifestyle coaching programs designed to educate and support the development of a healthy and sustainable work-life balance

This program takes place in your offices, in either a one-on-one or group setting, over a period of six months. Your employees will set and expect to reach agreed benchmark goals such as healthy eating, weight loss, increased energy and more. Whether you are looking for a unique program to support an individual employee or facilitating a healthy cultural change within your organization this program will meet your needs.

Other Corporate Services:

  • Group health food or grocery  store tours–offering detailed explanations of all food categories
  • Group cooking demonstrations or hands-on cooking classes
  • Monthly Wellness Newsletter for your company with wellness articles and recipes
  • Wellness Lunch-and -Learns: 30 minutes group sessions on a variety of healthy subjects appropriate for lunch hours or meetings

To discuss any of the Corporate Wellness programs outlined above please call 808-371-0740 or contact Find Your Healthy through the web here.