Workshops & Public Speaking

With over 20 years in the field of training and development and  teaching countless classes and workshops, I know how to make nutrition, health and wellness fun and easy to understand. I provide workshops and seminars that are entertaining, informative, interactive and filled with simple practical tips for achieving better health.

My workshops and talks are appropriate for:

  • Companies & corporate wellness programs
  • Professional Associations
  • Community groups
  • Schools

Sessions can be designed or tailored to fit your group’s time and areas of interest, or choose from these popular titles:

  • Reduce Your Stress Through Eating Well
  • Overcoming the Sugar Blues
  • Defensive Dining: How to Eat Out, Enjoy It and Still Keep Your Waistline
  • Eat Well–Shop Well–Be Well
  • Foods You Think Are Healthy….That Really Aren’t
  • Eating for Personal Power & Energy
  • Managing Your Stress & Maximizing Your Life
  • Easy Meal Solutions for Busy People
  • Power Foods for Heart Health
  • The Healthy Pantry: Stocking Your Pantry & Fridge for Wellness
  • Top Ten Nutrition Strategies for Better Health

**Cooking demonstrations can be added to any session